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Our society revolves around the economy, Most of the things that we learn, see and feel are based on the capitalistic system. Today this economical system revolves around a push mentality. We are wired and pushed to constantly search for the better, newer thing. Our way to celebrate successes is to plan for the next one. But what if we would stop?

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The movement that excists in silence. 

The performance is an interactive conversation between the wearer and the clothing. The clothing shows the movement that can exist while standing still. It shows the internal growth on the outside of the body. Due to motor elements and sensors inside the clothing, the clothing will come to life when the wearer stops moving.


The collection is 100 per cent without virgin materials. It is made from a combination of leftover materials from the industry and a new material named Vifour, made from recycled fabric scraps and bioplastic. Vifour is fully circular and allows the designer to reuse the material most efficiently.

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