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"Jong design talent, Financieel dagblad

Kim van der Meulen


Material libaries

Some of the archives where you can find our materials


New York

For 25 years, Material ConneXion has served product development designers as a world-class materials library and consultancy.  We’re proud to be known for our innovative problem solving and thought leadership by the most influential brands across every industry.   We help companies find sustainable material alternatives to their current manufacturing supply and support product ideation by finding and recommending materials that enhance performance, aesthetic, and sustainability.

Future Materials Bank


Dubai is a global digital materials library being launched to enable specifiers to learn about new materials and connect with suppliers. Designed exclusively for interior designers, architects, contractors, manufacturers and other design professionals, the platform is an online database of both commercially available materials and cutting-edge innovative materials. The aim is to allow users an opportunity to learn about materials and their applications and then contact suppliers directly.

Material district 


The Future Materials Bank is part of Future Materials, a hybrid platform of the Jan van Eyck Academie, which aims to democratise knowledge about these future-proof materials. The other components of the platform are the Future Materials Lab with its collection of physical samples and the Future Materials Encounters, an activation of the Bank in the form of a workshops programme. The three components are closely interconnected and mutually nourishing: the video recordings and the physical sample codes that you find on some materials pages are manifestations of the Lab and the Encounters programme on the Future Materials Bank.

MaterialDistrict is the world’s leading match-making platform in the field of innovative materials. MaterialDistrict’s value as a high-end materials inspiration source is clear:  R&D and design professionals of all industries are using our platform to discover new material solutions. Daily via, annually at MaterialDistrict Utrecht and periodically throughout the year with traveling MaterialDistrict Expo, MaterialDistrict Talks, and MaterialDistrict Pop-Up events.

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