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 Introducing our innovative Triple Coloured Acoustic Wall Panels, designed to elevate both the aesthetic and acoustic performance of any space. These panels are meticulously crafted with a sustainable ethos at their core.

At the heart of these panels lies a robust wood structure, carefully constructed from recycled wood, embodying our commitment to eco-conscious materials. Within this structure, a substantial layer of premium wool is integrated to enhance acoustic excellence, ensuring a superior auditory experience.

The external surface of the panels is enveloped in seamless Vifour, boasting a dual-layered application that not only reinforces durability but also introduces a visually striking element. This amalgamation of recycled wood, premium wool, and Vifour results in an exceptional acoustic solution that is as sustainable as it is aesthetically pleasing. Elevate your space with our Triple Coloured Acoustic Wall Panels, where style meets sound in perfect harmony.

Acoustic wall pannel

SKU: 364115376135191
€ 400,00Price
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