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About us

Sustainable research

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Studio VivÈrdie is searching for a new way of design communication. The goal is to work sustainably towards a future with a different mindset regarding design and consumption. 

Studio VivÈrdie strives to design with the earth and environment in mind and most importantly with the materials that are already here. We want to be a part of a movement that tries to tell stories and shape minds without exploiting the earth and its inhabitants.


My name is Vivian Erdtsieck,

Founder of Studio ViviÈrdie

I am a textile developer with a bachelor's degree in Fashion design and a master's in material chemistry and physics. With a combined history in science and Design, I try to connect the two industries to work towards a more sustainable future. In my career, I focus on finding a way to function within the current economy without losing sight of what is truly important, creating partnerships to change the way we see Design.

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What we do

Material suply

Studio VivÈrdie is a sub-line of VivÈrdie industries.

VivÈrdie aims to make sustainable textiles available for everyone. Studio VivÈrdie is a way to showcase the posibilities of the materials. 

VivÈrdie industries

Sustainable research

Searching for new materials and sutainable solutions.

The main focus of studio VivÈrdie is sustainable research. With a degree in design and ongoing interest and a future master's degree in Science, we try to combine science, Physics and our knowledge of sustainability to create new solutions for the design industry. 
Creating something new without influencing the environment is impossible. But sustainability (especially in the design industry) is desperately needed. This is why we try to search for ways to create something sustainable without being hindered in our design process. We think materials are key in this process. That is why we research new materials that function the same or even better than the materials currently used but spontaneously take the sustainability of the design to the next level. In the research process, we try to think in every layer. Not only the origin of the material used but also the duration of use and what will happen to the material after its original life span. We believe in an economy without waste. We see what is often in the economy stamped as waste as a new virgin material with thousands of possible applications. 

Experiance design

Minset change.

Next to our research, we think it is important to change mindsets. We create projects to on one hand show the possibilities of our sustainable research and on the other introduce the world to our way of thinking. 
Most of our projects are not centred around sustainability, all projects are as sustainably made as possible but we think the problem is way deeper rooted. We try to focus most of our projects on social dilemmas that, according to us, in the end, lead to more sustainable choices. 

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